Easter's Call for Perspective

Trusting Jesus during his public ministry seems fairly easy to the disciples as Jesus feeds the multitudes, cures the blind, heals the sick – things are going well.  And then - Wham!  One fine Friday their entire world turns upside down!  Their perspective is thrown out of whack.

Journey-wise, you’ve experienced this too!  Life goes along rather smoothly and then – out of the blue - challenges arise which seem to be “too much!” You can hardly make yourself look at the situation, let alone see the situation through! 

All the post-resurrection events seem to echo an invitation to reflect on perspective.  Is that the message for you this Easter?  Here are three of many definitions of perspective that might help you ponder this.


  1. “Perspective: a visible scene, especially one extending to a distance; vista.” Major events and circumstances do not always make sense right now.  Can you deepen your trust in the Lord by assuring yourself that there is a distant vista within which this will make sense? 


  1. “Perspective: The capacity to view things in their true or relative importance.” Do you distinguish between significant and insignificant details in daily life? A homey example of “insignificant” would be insisting that the toothpaste be squeezed from the bottom instead of the top. You can probably think of 10 more examples!  Focusing your energy mainly on day-to-day insignificant details can absorb all you attention.  Letting go of them can help you see their relative unimportance within larger situations. Where do you want to put your focus and energy?  


  1. Perspective: “The faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.”  Who is the Lord to you?  If you were to describe your view of the Lord to an unbeliever, what would you share?  What is the relevant data in your thoughts, words, and actions that you bring into your relationship with the Lord, with others, and with yourself?

Perhaps the Easter question this year is “How can I continue to walk in faith when ‘things’ happen?”  Blessings on your Journey with the Lord who loves you and calls you to develop your relationship-perspective through the events, challenges and decisions you face along the Way.  – Jackie F.