He paused. AND He asked them a question!

We like to ask questions here at UCH too. What does God want for us? How does God speak to us?  What is God saying?  How do we make sense of that in this technologically advanced scientific age? How do we go deeper?  How do we find meaning in scriptures that are used to judge, exclude, and incite violence? How do we stay in healthy dialogue when our questions (and answers) are different or we disagree with each other? How do we REALLY love our neighbor? How is God calling us to make a difference in the world? 

Here at UCH we are a Family Sized, Open and Affirming, Justice Focused, Community Involved, Theologically Curious, Holy Spirit led Congregation that is part of the United Church of Christ. We feel called to make Hayward a better place; ministering to seniors in the South Hayward community, supporting the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition, The Sulphur Creek Nature Center, and the South Hayward Parish (whose community ministries include: emergency food programs, support for the homeless, and a family resource collective). We also spend a lot of time studying the scriptures, expressing gratitude, asking theological questions, supporting each other, and listening for the voice of God. 

Are you a questioner too? Have you been hurt or felt unwelcome because you had the audacity to ask questions? Have you given up on organized religion?  Are you spiritually hungry? Do you crave a community where you will be accepted and challenged to grow and go deeper- where you can make friends, get involved, and have fun? We invite you join us on this journey.  There is a place for you (and for your questions) at UCH as we walk and listen for the voice of our Still-Speaking God together.

Come join us. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!