One Step at a Time

We are the ones for whom we have been waiting.” Hopi Elders

Think about that for a minute…….

Many of us are waiting for the second coming as if that is what will save us. We think that God will suddenly appear and the world will be transformed, those who are not believers or those who have not lived what we perceive to be good lives will be condemned and the rest of us will be gifted with a peace and joy that has never even existed before.   NOT!

Some of us speak often about the presence of the Lord in a moment of something profound, some speak of the presence of the Lord within nature, loving relationships, a beautiful sunset, and the list goes on. I happen to believe that the Lord resides in each and every human being. I believe that the Lord is present in every experience that we have, and I believe that we are living in heaven right here and now.

Then, I bumped into the quote I used at the beginning of this article, and that put a whole new meaning on what I believe. We are who many of us are waiting for. The Lord is present here and now, and, in fact, has never left us. That Spirit that we were gifted with feeds our spirits and nudges us to listen and live as Jesus did. If I am who others have been waiting for, how am I teaching others how to live in that Spirit? How am I washing the feet of the outcast? How am I feeding the hungry? How am I healing the sick? How am I going off to pray?  How am I standing up and facing those who criticize and ridicule me?  How am I reaching out to the poor and oppressed? How am I showing others a path to relationship with God?

Wow, what a responsibility that is! It wasn’t easy for Jesus and it isn’t easy for me or anyone else. Will you walk with me on this journey to becoming “the one we have been waiting for?” I promise that I will support you on your journey. Let’s all put on our walking shoes and step forward into becoming all that God has in mind for us to be. The possibilities are endless, and what we share will change the world, one step at a time.  -Chris L.