A Fleeting Glance

Connecting with friends can take many forms: a phone call, facebook, texting, cards, letters, and face-to-face visits. Even a fleeting glance across a busy street as you wave to your friend, can bring a smile which lifts your heart.

Prayer – which is one way to deepen your relationship with the Lord - takes many forms too. We are familiar with prayers of praise, thanksgiving, petition, personal devotions and meditation. Consider this definition: “Prayer is lifting the mind and heart to God.”  Although this definition fits all the above mentioned types of prayer, you’ll notice that it doesn’t say anything about length of time, formula or content. It merely says “lifting the mind and heart to God.” Does that mean that merely glancing or smiling toward the Lord during the day is prayer!  Yes!  It could be called “glancing prayer” or some other name you give it. What could be simpler? 

However, to engage in this type of prayer does not mean becoming pre-occupied with the thought of trying to pray when you should be focused on your current responsibilities. It does not mean becoming distracted with trying to pray when you need to be focused on driving or some other project. Where is the opportunity for “glancing” prayer?  During that fleeting moment when you change from one project to the next you can merely “lift up your heart” to the Lord with or without words!  As you walk down the hall to your next responsibility, merely smile at the thought of the Lord’s quiet nearness.

This is a gentle type of prayer, meant to be calming, and strengthening. Blessings on your day as you move forward with an occasional “just a glance” connection with the Lord who loves you with an everlasting love.    – Jackie F.