An Invitation to Rise Together

So here we are, already at Easter. It seems like a week ago we were celebrating Christmas and I haven’t even sent out my Christmas cards yet!  What does all of this mean to us? How can we authentically celebrate Easter? In other words, what in our own lives, is the living out of the Resurrection experience?  

I believe that Jesus had experiences similar to ours. He enjoyed being with his friends, and welcomed those who were outcasts and marginalized. He also bumped into difficult circumstances, some of which pulled the rug out from under him. He experienced being misunderstood, loosing loved ones, being betrayed by his friends and being condemned publicly for living up to his true self. And yet, he kept his listening heart open.

Because Jesus is here with us now, helping us to live our best lives, our lives are continually changing and growing day by day. We all have days that go wonderfully well and days that take the wind out of our sails. How we respond to and live through those days is what death and Resurrection are all about. Seeing people in need and bringing them food, learning more about people of color, becoming acquainted with people of different ethnic backgrounds, different religions, and different abilities are some simple ways to let go (die) to previous prejudices and rise to a new understanding of life (resurrection). 

These might seem simple, yet are not simple because they require courage, honesty, and compassion. Recognizing these experiences in our lives and dealing with them is the dying, and growing into a new way of living and rejoicing. This is the Resurrection.

I could go on and on trying to explain all of this, but I would rather sit and talk with you and listen to you over a simple meal with plenty of time. Who out there would like to do this? We would enrich our lives together. Imagine how great it would be to get to know one another by exchanging thoughts, ideas and prayers while breaking bread together - dying and rising together! If you insist, I could include chocolate Easter Eggs!  - Chris L