God is Still Speaking

I just listened to "Holy Now" by Peter Mayer for about the fifth time.  I did not listen to it over and over, but rather with a day between each listen. I have listened multiple times because each time I hear a different part of the lyrics and my heart sort of leaps. It's not a big leap, but more of a ...that is what I believe too! You know how you read something that you really like more than once and in the midst of reading it you are saying to yourself that you don't remember this or that detail. It makes the story more interesting or exciting or funny or whatever. That is similar to what happens to me when I listen to music.

This particular song touches my heart. It reminds me that life is not about any one thing that happened to me, any one thing that I have experienced, anything I liked or did not like. Life is about everything and everything in life is a gift. There is something to be learned from the smallest thing encountered as I take the journey through life whether I like it or not. That small leaf that was a deep Scarlett red, the piece of paper with mud on it that got my pants dirty, the smile on the old woman who had no home and carried her life in a cart, the whining child in the grocery store, the state of my physical being, the funny kitten video, the homeless man who helped a woman get her groceries in the car, and the list goes on.

I have tended to get lost in the process of dealing with my own discomfort of late and have not been good about being aware of the rest of the world these days and wondering where God has been in the midst of this. “Everything is Holy” has brought me an awareness of how God has walked me and carried me through the whole of this process.


What I need to do is to pay attention to the fact that all in life is holy, we don't see miracles because all of life is a miracle, the Scriptures are Holy and all words are holy. How shall I walk in this? How shall I speak this?  How shall I pick myself up when I miss the mark? What is my strength in life and how do I use it?  

May the Lord bless me and be a constant reminder to me of the holiness that is a life well lived. Guide me Lord, open my eyes, open my heart and fill my heart with your presence.  Amen!   - Chris L.