A Time to Pray

As luck would have it, I got the “bug” that has been going around from person to person, and have been stuck at home coughing and blowing and aching and feeling very sorry for myself. Then, I remembered a hymn that I used to sing and pray with often…”Only in God is my soul at rest, from there comes my hope, my salvation.” It was time to buck up and be grateful for the time given to me to rest, to stop, to pray, to listen, to sing, to let those Loving Arms wrap around me and be healed. Things got better that day. I was not miraculously healed, I still coughed and blew and ached, but my mindset was different.


I am not the first person that got this “bug” and I won’t be the last.  During this season of flu and cold and cough, what will you do to make it through your ailment? Even if you don’t get the “bug” are you going to allow your ailments to drag you down? Are you going to feel sorry for yourself or buck up? We always have choices about how we are, who we are and how we live in this life. If we remember that “Only in God is my soul at rest…” we can be part of creating a new world. We can be there for others, we can reach out, we can ask for help when we need it, we can be happy and healthy beings whose lives reflect the Everlasting Love that all of us have been gifted.


So, I’m still coughing and blowing, but I am healthy in God’s Arms.  Lucky me!  -Chris L.