This is Dry Creek and we bid you welcome.

Famed in the early 1880’s for the spirit of gaiety that reigned here on festival days, guests poured in from the rural districts of the whole county to greet their friends and make merry.

And so today, we pray you maintain with us that holiday spirit; leave care and worry behind you; enjoy the beauties of nature here in your midst; and pause for a moment in your rush through life to give thanks to the great artist who painted this ever-changing picture of the hills and fields and streams.  - Edith Meyers


  The cold days of Winter are here. You don’t need to look out the window or watch the evening news to know that a dark cloud has fallen over our beloved community. Just down Mission Blvd. in Union City the Meyers Garden at Dry Creek remains dormant in the brisk breeze. But even with the chill in the air we can take comfort in the promise that Spring can’t be too far behind.


Edith, Mildred and Jenette Meyers of Alameda owned the 1200 acre Dry Creek Ranch in the early 1900’s and built a cozy California craftsman summer cottage. Soon they began planting a lush 2 acre garden with nearly 200 native and exotic plants and trees. The garden was complete with wandering pathways, sculptures, and foot bridges that crossed and re-crossed the meandering seasonal creek. Each Spring and Summer would bring a glorious display of colorful blossoms shaded by the towering trees. Dry Creek Ranch was donated by the Meyers family to the East Bay Regional Park District in 1979 and opened as Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park. Dry Creek and adjacent Garin Regional Park stretch along the ridge top and verdant valley above UCH. With the passing of the last surviving Meyers sister the cottage and gardens were also donated and are now open for the public to enjoy. The combined parks comprise nearly 4800 acres of classic California foothills with 20 miles of hiking trails, wildlife, and fauna and are literally right in our own backyard.


We can be certain that Spring will be here again soon and that the Meyers Garden will once again come alive. We at UCH will be looking forward to see what blossoms of our own may appear. Groundwork preparation is underway for extending our outreach and for upgrading our Sanctuary in order to welcome like-minded wanderers seeking shelter and a church home out of the cold winter chill.  -Bill