So Now What?

I am exhausted by all of what is going on in the world right now.  That may be a bit exaggerated, but with all of the natural disasters, the terrorist attacks around the world and here, the “strange” things going on in the administration of this country (I’m being nice calling it strange), two man/boys playing with the threat of nuclear war, friends dealing with serious illnesses, parents dealing with ill children, a court system that does not mete out justice fairly, racial tension, and generally, people against people simply because they are from other countries, have a different skin color, or Worship in ways we don’t always understand.

In addition, I recently accepted the role of support in the lives of two developmentally and intellectually delayed adults even though the court, in its lack of wisdom has decided that they do not need conservators.  I have taken on the role because I love and care about them and I love their mother who has been put through a ringer for just under a year just to get rid of previous conservators.  I am a bit overwhelmed and grateful for the trust all three of them have in me.

Recently I also spent some time helping plan Congregational retreats; I attended Bible Study and listened to God speaking to me through others and in me; I had time to talk and laugh with friends; and I spent time in the pool swimming and laughing with people who ground me in life.

Lots of emotions going every which way and I have tried to be present to all of them.  Scripture tell us, “Come to me all who labor and are heavy burdened…”  I have seen and heard and felt the Lord calling me these days.  That is what moved me to say “Yes” to listening to my heart, to opening my heart wider, and to experience all of it.  -Chris L.