Waiting is never easy whether it’s for your turn at the gas pump, the checkout counter, the post office, or the lab work results.  Reaching the “destination” or receiving knowledge of the results seems to give a sense of relief, a sense of “control” over the situation.


Perhaps the real issue here is not the completion of the waiting, but the reality of how you “do yourself” (respond/react) in the midst of the waiting.  How can there be any value or use for this waiting time when is seems such a waste of time?  As Shakespeare says, “There’s the rub.”


Yet, there will always be times of waiting; it’s a form of moving into the unknown. No one else can do the waiting for you.  It’s up to you to ponder how to be internally creative with it so that it becomes a valuable time for you.  Are you up to that challenge?


Whatever happens

As I sit here waiting


To be with you through it all

Inviting peace to both of us

Nothing more can I do but rely on the

Goodness of God


Blessings as you move into and through your waiting places on the Journey.  “Do what is yours to do and trust:  God will take care of the rest.”  -- Jackie F.