Be Still and Know . . .

Placing her index finger over her lips, Darcy whispered to her son Alex, “Shhh, listen.” As he did so, he heard the soft, unmistakable call of the turtle dove. Contrast that with someone saying, “Shut up and listen!” Or, “Sit still, and stop wiggling!”


Going back to the original Hebrew, “be still” does not mean any of the previous examples. Rather it comes from the word meaning “Stop striving - put your hands down from your work.” Have you ever carried something very heavy, and then finally put it down? Did your arms tremble after releasing the weight of your bundle?


When you hear Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know I am God,” what images come up for you? Can you hear the Lord inviting you: “Put your hands down from your work for now. Stop worrying for these few moments.  Be still.  It’s time for you to let Me hold what you’re working on. I want you to take some time for you!  Breathe – be refreshed. You can pick up your worries later. But for now, give yourself time just to be. I am here. I love you. Breathe deeply. Relax. Be.”  

Blessings as you move more deeply into the reality of the Lord’s profound love for you.  -- Jackie F.