Carry and Radiate the Light

Standing in one of several seemingly endless lines at the post office during pre-Christmas days, I watched one of the clerks.  As each person approached that clerk’s counter space, she greeted them with a warm smile.  While efficiently handling each transaction, she seemed to radiate a quiet calmness in the midst of the hectic energy of people waiting in line.  When I shared my observation with her, she smiled and said simply, “I have a wonderful supervisor – it’s the Lord.”   

Even before her comment, her actions had spoken volumes (in a practical and real way) about her awareness of the Lord’s presence.  Perhaps no one else got the message, but she understood that her relationship with the Lord called her to radiate care and concern right where she was whether or not it was noticed or understood. 

Isn’t this what Jesus points out when he assures a blessing on those who give “even a cup of cold water in my name.” (Mt 10:41-42) Notice Jesus says the water is to be cold, not the giver.

How are you being called to radiate Jesus in the nitty-gritties of your daily life?  After all, the opportunity to talk about Jesus happens far less than the opportunity to “show” him daily.  Blessings on continuing to discover new ways to carry and radiate the Light.  – Jackie F.