Everyday Miracles

Whatever happened to those 12 baskets of fragments the disciples gathered after feeding the multitude?   (Logically, how five loaves and two fish divided among 5,000 yielded 12 baskets is an amazing return on investment!)  Perhaps the left-overs, the food no longer needed, was distributed among the crowd or taken to the village and shared with the homeless.  We will never know.

What we do know, however, is the value of no-longer-needed items.  

Didn’t we do something similar? We looked at our waning operating budget, gathered up what we had (our no-longer-needed items), and invited the multitudes to the “meadow” where people found just what they needed.  And - still we had items left over which we then donated to a thrift store so the items could continue their journey of providing for others. Now, isn’t that some kind of miracle? 

Blessings as you continue to discover the Abundance of the Lord hidden in what seems to be insufficient or no longer needed. – Jackie F.