Not Yet

Waiting for the expected, no matter what it is, is not easy for us. We wait for the rain, and when it arrives, we want the sunshine. The sunshine arrives, and we wonder if it will ever rain again.  Sometimes a memory flashes into our minds and we think, “Oh, if only I had appreciated it more when it was here.”  Perhaps the wisdom to gain from this experience is that NOW - this time of waiting - is also a time to appreciate what we do have.

What is it you are expecting or desiring? This longing can instill hope, motivation, strength, and creativity. In the meantime, while you wait – at the store, at a stoplight, for a decision to be made, etc. – take a moment to reflect on the abundance surrounding you. Then consciously identify five things for which you are grateful. This kind of waiting combined with appreciating what you do have, develops the spirit of gratefulness – “The Gratitude Attitude”.  Doing so, will not take away the wait, but it will enhance the waiting time with positive energy.

Our God provides – always has and always will - perhaps not exactly in the way we had hoped. But, when we look back, we are often amazed at the marvelous design of events. Blessings on your waiting time, your “not yet” time. May it find you grateful, even in the midst of your longing!   - Jackie