The Night Man

Frank Leber was a shy and humble man. He and his wife Rosemarie were UCH members and regular attendees to worship services in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Frank had an unforgettable deep imposing baritone voice that I can still hear in my mind although he has been gone more than 10 years. One would never had guessed that Frank Leber (AKA Frank Knight ....his “on air” name) was an original news anchor at KCBS radio for 29 years and since the station switched over to a 24 hour news format. Frank was the “Night Man” at KCBS in the later years of his radio career, reporting the news in the solitary hours from midnight until dawn. Frank once declined Rogers request to serve as liturgist because “large crowds made him nervous” to which Roger replied “but you speak to hundreds of thousands of people every night!”. No, “I’m just talking to a microphone” replied Frank. One of my own vivid memories of Frank is returning from trips to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite or Southern California late at night and eagerly getting in range of KCBS and finding Frank’s familiar and reassuring voice on the car radio.

Frank was an avid collector of radio memorabilia and motion picture enthusiast with an extensive collection of audio tapes and blooper reels. He served on the Executive Board of Broadcast Legions and is recognized by his industry as a pioneer in Bay Area radio broadcasting. Rose donated Frank’s collection of original recordings to the Bay area Radio Museum and if you make a brief google search of Frank Leber KCBS you will find sample recordings of some of his broadcasts. If you remember Frank or listen to his recordings I guarantee that you too will never forget that voice. Frank and Rose Leber are just two of hundreds of saints upon whose shoulders we stand.....Bill