Only a Flashlight

Opposites seem to be part of our everyday life although these contrasting connections are often overlooked. For example, for a flashlight to make any difference, the area needs to be dark. Even the name “flashlight” is questionable. You count on it to produce a steady beam, not a flickering light. What can you glean from this example that will enhance your Journey?

These days, as racism, exclusiveness, injustices, bigotry, hatred, anger and questionable decisions create a sense of darkness, will you just “whine, give up, give in, or hide and pretend it doesn’t exist?  As you acknowledge the chaos being created by that darkness, will your response be to create more anger, more chaos, more exclusiveness of your own brand? Martin Luther King Jr. so aptly pointed out, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can.”

Jesus invites us, reminds us, especially in these days “You are the light of the world . . . do not hide your light under a bushel basket.”  (Matthew 5:14-16)  How are you are being called in your specific circumstances to be the light you can be, the justice-provider you can be, the centered calmness you can be?  

Blessings as you continue to Journey. Pray for wisdom and light to see from the Lord’s perspective, and calmness to hear what our still speaking God is inviting you to do and be – yes – even if you feel like only a “small flashlight” in the midst of current darkness, chaos and contradictions.   – Jackie F.