Special effects and violence seem to be the criteria for some popular TV programs, movies, and events! Perhaps underneath it all is a cry for help – a cry to rediscover something we were born with, something discouraged by down-playing curiosity while emphasizing competition. What is this un-named something so deep within us that we hunger to find it again?


When was the last time you reverently held an ant in your hand and marveled at this tiny creature who creates underground tunnels, cares for its own, travels miles (if you count inches by their foot span) in search of food, and tends aphids – caring for them in exchange for a secretion called “honeydew”? Amazing! Have you ever watched a baby chick peck its way out of its shell? Where is the Lowe’s or Ace Hardware for birds to purchase pre-measured supplies? Yet, spring after spring thousands of nests are built, high above the ground, from haphazardly broken twigs, dry grasses and, sometimes, lint from your dryer! Wow! 


So perhaps underneath the clamor for explosions, destruction and violence is the desire to be “taken by surprise!” Perhaps we need to rediscover this gift we’ve all received – the gift of WONDER – of “being surprised by the non-threatening unexpected!” 


Scripture, too, invites you to move sometimes from the noise, and listen to God in the “still small voice” (I Kings 19:12).   Opportunities are all around us, especially during spring. Allow yourself to be surprised – filled with “wonderment” by sight, sound, fragrance, taste and touch. Be surprised by a God who, “Softly and tenderly,” as the hymn says, calls to you: “Come home, Come home” to your true self. Blessings on your Spring Adventure – the adventure of refreshing your sense of Wonder!    - Jackie F.