So here I am again on a Saturday evening having just finished dinner. I had a lot of quiet time today and spent a good deal of it with a very needy cat in my lap pondering the conversation I was part of at Bible Study the other night. Of course, with many a pause to give the cat the asked for belly and chest massage, I had many small insights into how life can be as simple as just asking for what you want, and then getting it.

"Jesus went up to the mountain to pray", that is what it says in the Scriptures. What does that mean for me in my life? I take time every to attempt just being with the Lord. It is different every day. There are some days when I may use Scripture, some when I may read something by Marcus Borg, Rumi, Henri Nouwen, Ram Daas, Ranier Rilke, and the list goes on. I might listen to music that carries me inward. JOHN Michael Talbot, Gregory Norbet, Michael W. SMITH, John Denver, Shaina Noll, Cril Williamson, Peter, Paul and Mary, Motzart, John Williams, Revel, The Gaithers, Lizt, Mahler, Joan Baez, and the list goes on are just some of the artists I might listen to. I might do nothing but sit, breathe, listen to my heart beat and be grateful for life.

I might call to mind all,of the people that I know or have heard about that are in need of prayer for many reason. I have a list of people that I pray for every day. I think about this world we live in and what is going on. I wonder what I can learn from each person I encounter, not just in person, but those I read about in the news, those I know are at risk in this community and the greater community. I have a special place in my heart for the developmentally and intellectually delayed praying that they will have lives that are filled with participation in the community, a good quality of life, and a continued growth in getting to know their own potential.

Of course, I don't do all of this every day, or even every week. I do take time every day and it fills me with a certain confidence that the Lord will be walking with me and in me each day and it reminds me that the Lord is walking with every person and in every person. I wish I could say that I am able to carry that through each day in myself and seeing it in others, but I am human and imperfect.

"Jesus then went to His apostles", that is what it say in the Scriptures. I could not work on living out what I pray about if I did not have a support system in my faith life. I need to be able to pray with them at Worship, ask questions and be challenged at Bible Study, play with close friends, breaking bread and having time to talk about life, and time with the love of my life with whom I share every aspect of my life (well, she doesn't like sports, read the news, or enjoy talking politics), but she is a wonderful gift from God who fills me with gratitude.

So now we what? "Jesus went out to the multitudes", that is what it says in the Scriptures. Now, how do I take who I am as a Christian out to the multitudes? I first have to recognize that I have limitations. I can't walk much, I can't stand much, and I require chairs that allow me to shift often to avoid pain in my back so I can't do things that require a lot of lifting either. I am very organized, I can communicate, I have a voice that can be heard. So, I am part of the Eden Area Interfaith Council and the Hayward Area Interfaith and Community Leader Coalition. I haven't done much yet as I am new to both groups, but I will as time goes on, and I know that doing so will help to make a difference in the community. I am also now on the church council. Now, I need to be careful that I don't overextend and be at peace with growing my role on these three organizations.

I love my life at this point. I hope that as I live it I am always reaching out to others as well as taking care of myself. I hope that I am always open to others, to all possibilities in life, and that includes the environment as well. I want to be, and at the same time I recognize my own imperfections.

I guess I just want to say that I recognize the importance of being alone with God, of having my supports, and especially recognizing that to be real, I have to take what I glean out to the rest of the world.