While We Wait

“Dear Father we dream . . . while we may . . . we need . . . while we wait.”  Neil Diamond’s voice encouraged us in the 70’s by calling us to become ever more aware of our dreams, our longings, and our needs – yes even as we waited.


Waiting for the expected, no matter what it is, does not come easy for us.  We wait for the rain, and when it arrives, we want the sunshine.  We have the sunshine, and wonder if it will ever rain again.  Sometimes we ponder a memory and say, “Oh, if only I had appreciated it more when I had it.”  Perhaps the wisdom to gain from this experience is that NOW, while we wait, is also the time to appreciate what we do have.  As we approach the closing of Advent, what have you dreamed for during this time?  What have you needed?  What have you hoped would happen?


Even more challenging, however, is “waiting for the unexpected” – worrying about things that have not happened, things over which we have no direct control anyway, fretting about supposed “stumbling blocks” that have not yet arrived.  This is not the kind of waiting that nourishes us with hope – it is a destructive habit we allow ourselves to implement only too often – which, of course brings us the “comfort of being a victim.”


Perhaps the current calling during this advent season, as it draws to a close, is to ponder once again the words of John the Baptist “Prepare the way of the Lord.  Straighten out your less-than-desirable ways of acting, deepen those places where “Our God who is still speaking” is calling you to an even more vibrant relationship.” (cf. Mt 3:3 & Mk 1:3)


John the Baptist also reminds us, “There is one among you whom you do not recognize.” (John 1:26)   And such it is even in our busier-than-busy days.  Blessings as you look up, within, across and over to recognize that the One for whom you wait – Emmanuel – is already with you – yes even while you wait.  - Jackie F.