The "New Normal"

I think that I first heard the phrase from a newsperson on cable TV referring to the state of our country under an immoral and criminal leadership style unlike anything we have ever experienced. The new normal replaces the usual, the expected, and the typical state of affairs to which we have become accustomed. The new normal encourages us to deal with the current situation rather than spending time and effort lamenting about change and loss.

 For me, the evolving situation in our own household exemplifies the new normal as we age and deal with increasing health and ability challenges. We find that we need to give up some independence, that we can’t do everything that we once did, and that we require an increasing amount of outside assistance. Our new normal is much different than what our “normal” was just a few short years or even months ago.

We are moving into a period of new normal at UCH as well as we adapt our bylaws to better reflect reality and as we seek new solutions and reach out of our comfort zone for assistance. Last Sunday’s Call to Worship says it more clearly: You call us to be compassionate. You call us to be merciful and to let go of our rigidity. you call us “to learn what these things mean”! But we can’t do it without your help. Teach us to let go of our rigidity and fear, to live authentically, and to love unconditionally!  -Bill