Still Grounded

Pharaoh certainly had a lot going for him financially with the enslaved Israelites doing Egypt’s manual labor – that is– until Moses, a man who stuttered, came to him saying, “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘Let my people go.’” (Exodus 5:1)  

Pharaoh, was not about to comply, necessitating Moses to ask nine more times.  Sometimes, we forget to read the remainder of God’s message to Moses, that is, the reason for God’s request, “. . . that they may hold a feast – a festival for Me (God) in the wilderness,” and “. . . to worship Me (give praise, thanks and rejoice in Me, live as my beloved) in the desert.”   (Exodus 9, etc.)

As you reflect on the recent July 4th celebration, and the current condition of our nation do you see a parallel?  Then, ask yourself how you are reflecting God’s care in this national “desert.”  How are you helping to set the people free?  What is your personal contribution to the health of our nation?   “How have you been a Pharaoh to yourself?”  What within you is “grounded” and longing to be set free that it may reflect who God is in this “desert place?”  What “Player” within you on this great Faith Journey are you still holding captive?  What is the Name of that “Player” who has been knocking at your heart’s door asking to come out and celebrate?  Its name might be “Compassion” or “Forgiveness” or “Understanding”, or “Hidden Talent” or “Always-Wanted-to-Gain-That-Skill” or “Trust-in-God’s-Providence” or “Balance-of-My-Inner-Outer-Activities” or “Speak up with Hope” or something else only you can name.  

What will it take to set your “Named Player” free to go into the wilderness – that awkward growth-stage of doing something new?  How will that “Named Player” give praise and thanks to this God who calls you forth and sets you free that all might live?  Blessings as you bring to prayer and implement this call and grace of the Lord. -Jackie F.