We have been talking a lot about prayer at UCH recently.  It was discussed at Bible Study, Rev. Jeanne preached on the topic, Jackie has preached on it, and it has been referred to in one way or another at many of our Worship services.

“Pray without ceasing”, Jesus went up the mountain to pray”, “Do not worry about anything, but pray and ask God for anything you need, always giving thanks”, and the list from Scripture goes on.

What I know is that it is good for me to pray even when it makes no sense to me.  I need to reach out with thoughts and words even if they feel disconnected with what I am feeling.  During these seemingly disconnected times, which we all have, I tend to turn to a prayer that I learned in a class on prayer that I took from Brother David Steindl-Rast I have found that these words open my heart, even a little bit, and begin the process of inviting God back in, or, I guess it is more like remembering that God never left me, so I am inviting myself back into the always open arms of God.


Heavenly God,

I abandon myself into Your hands, do with me what You will.  Whatever You do, I thank You now.  I am ready for all, 

everything I accept if only Your will be done in me and all Your creatures. Into Your hands I commend my spirit. I give You my soul with all the love of my heart.  For I love You my God, and so need to give, to surrender myself into Your hands without measure and with confidence beyond all understanding simply because you are my Creator.   AMEN

I don’t know who actually wrote this prayer, but I do know that the person who did was a person of faith. I am grateful for the words, the prayer, the faith that is shared here. I share it with you believing that it will help nurture your prayer life when you find it difficult to connect to our God.   -Chris L.