Classroom of Faith

This week has been as full as last week, and I find myself both tired and energized. I know that sounds strange, but sometimes being energized can just plain tire you out. In Isaiah 54 around verse 17, as translated in “The Message” it says, “All your children will have God for their teacher-what a mentor for your children!” 

I spend 15-20 hours a week right now with a person who lives independently with “special needs.” I take her out, help her with managing her money, take her shopping, take her wherever she wants to go for the day, and try to help her find her place in the community.  

I believe that God not only lives in me, but plays, acts, teaches, and reaches out through me. Am I bringing God the teacher and mentor to her? While I pray about that, what comes to me is how she is bringing God to me, teaching me, showing me how uncomplicated and satisfying life can be, how honest and open life can be. I pray that I am doing the same for her and can only trust that what I do with and for her is done trusting that I am being guided by God. This can be exhilarating.

The thing is, that doing this means working only from the heart. That is exhausting. It makes me look at how I am present with this woman and how I am present with others. Why is it easier with her than it is with others? What I know is that she has no expectation of me other than being there. Most of us, myself included are not always clear about expectations and because of this, we have to guess, imagine, decide, or ignore what we think is expected and this makes us hold back some. God is our Mentor and Teacher. Can we believe that?  Can we live that? Can we allow that in our own lives?

I am graced to be able to be with my friend and learn from her, and I am graced to walk with you in this life. I am blessed to have you in the same class with the best Teacher ever.  -Chris