Who Knows?

Buttes of Utah’s Zion National Park appeared as I turned the calendar to August.  Such majesty in the rugged cliffs, vibrancy in the blue sky, and hushed quietness in the stream wending its way down the page.    How old are those cliffs?  In contrast, how new are the leafy trees dotting the slopes near the stream? How frequently is this particular spot observed by human eyes?  Who knows exactly?  And yet, there they are in all their grandeur and quiet beauty beckoning, “Come, rest a while here.”

Is not life like that?  Ruggedness appears unexpectedly; new life takes hold as surely as leafed trees; energy revives as if refreshed by a flowing stream.  Life is never boring - difficult at times, yes – but never boring when you have eyes to see and ears to hear the beauty hidden in the sound of a dog barking, in the shrill “tweeeekk” of the humming bird, in the purr of the family cat.  And hidden within your family and friends are thoughtful remembrances “Happy Anniversary,” or a simple “How’s it going today?”, or “May I help you with that?”  Who knows the everyday abundance of goodness surrounding you when you have eyes to see and ears to hear?

Blessings as you continue your day-to-day journey.  Who knows what you may find as you become more aware of the many little hidden gifts provided by a God who is, in quiet stillness, still providing for you along your way.   – Jackie F.