On Queue (by Bill Ralph, UCH Moderator)

I need to come up with 300 to 400 engrossing, mildly humorous and seemingly meaningful words for the “This Week” lead article every third week. You may have figured out by now that we alternate my ramblings with the confident words of Rev. Jeanne, the gentle thoughtful words from Jackie (and intermittently with the socially relevant comments from Kristina). Even when it’s not “my week” I’m always on the lookout for ideas, interesting stories or clever metaphors.....although I often fall back to local history vignettes that I think may be interesting, or to obscure personal childhood memories.


While waiting in one of many lines during our recent trip to the theme parks of central Florida it struck me how the highly detailed ride and show queues are very much like our journey through life (OK, I know it’s a stretch!). If you have ever been to a Disney or Universal park you have undoubtedly spent a good amount of time standing in line in anticipation of the ride or show ahead. The detailed ride queue was introduced in the 1950’s by Walter Knott on his Knott’s Berry Farm Calico Mine Ride. Walt Disney soon improved on the idea of theming and camouflaging long wait lines with diversions, details and hidden rooms. The entertaining pre-show queue has become the standard at all of the major parks.


As we meander the queue of life with our fellow travelers we are taken with the wonders and are surprised by the unknown as we excitedly anticipate what may be around the next bend. If it’s a really interesting queue we may not even notice that our feet hurt!


Oh yeah, this is the wildest ride in the wilderness. Please remain seated keep’n your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.