Status Quo

Complacency has a way of sneaking up on us.  We don’t even realize it has taken root in our hearts until something wakes us up.  Such is the Status Quo:  “the existing state of affairs especially regarding social or political issues.”  (M. Webster).  Stunned by the opposite of our cherished values which seem to be parading under the guise of progress, we stare at situations we never thought we’d have to face. We’re tempted to run “helter-skelter” in fear or in anger, neither of which brings us vision.


We need time to process all that has happened these days as we stagger to find our role in an upturned country.  We look around and see threatened the understanding of true freedom.  We look around and hear disrespect for the dignity of the human person.  We look around and know that the living of the “Golden rule” is starting to crash all around us.  Some of what we fear will come to pass.  Some of it will not.  It’s a very complicated situation.


In the meantime how will we live out our values as we speak up for the rights of others?  How will we plan and prepare to redirect negative energy?  We need to do what is ours to do, and leave the rest to God.  We must not, however, allow ourselves to live in the anxiety of what is not here.


Jesus says in Matt 11:28-30 “Are you tired (terrified, deeply wounded, and confused)? Come . . . walk with me and work with me.  Watch how I do it.  Learn the unforced rhythms of Grace.  I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you.  Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely & light.” (Message translation)


Perhaps as we stand here in the midst of huge challenges, these words seem like pietistic sayings, out of touch with reality.  Maybe you feel like the person in the commercial who says, “Help! I’ve fallen & I can’t get up.  I need someone to listen to me, to talk with me, to reassure me, to help me through this trauma.”


Maybe you can more easily understand Jesus’ message through excerpts from a song by Nancy LaMott who died from uterine cancer in 1995:


So many things I can’t control

So many hurts that happen everyday

So many heartaches that pierce the soul

So much pain that won’t ever go away.


How do we make it better?

How do we make it through?

What can we do

When there’s nothing we can do?


We can be kind

We can take care of each other

We can remember that deep down inside

We all need the same things.


And maybe we’ll find

If we are there for each other

That together we’ll weather

Whatever tomorrow may bring


Blessings as you journey into and through this Status quo.  You are not alone.  The Lord is with you.  Rev. Jeanne and the Care Team are available with listening ears and open hearts if you need to talk.  Rely on the Lord’s promise – not of removing all obstacles, but of an everlasting Presence, strength and light – yes – even in the midst of the Status Quo.