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Sunday Service

Since we are exploring different angles and stories of resurrection during this Season of Easter, it's hard not to notice that spring is "springing" around us. The hills are getting greener, the flowers are blooming with gusto- and nature is metaphorically painting resurrection all around us. As many of you know, I am a gardener. I learn a lot about God from our elaborate condo pot garden. (It's not what you think. It's actually in pots.) So this Sunday we are going to talk about gardening. What can gardening teach us? What can watching the seasons teach us? Why does Jesus use so many stories about sowing and seeds (We will be looking at one in Luke 8: 4-15) to describe the Kingdom of God/Heaven? Is there any significance that Mary Magdalene mistakes Jesus for the gardener in the resurrection story? (As a gardener- I say "Yes!")  Join us for what will be a great morning of resurrection, prayer, and reflection!  -Rev. Jeanne

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Soothing Sanctuary
Later Event: May 27
Healing Circle