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Sunday Service

“It is our fully divine and fully human heart’s desire is for a true picture to emerge.”                                                                                   – Margaret Silf

Clivie loves doing mazes and puzzles. One of his favorites is “connecting the dots.” He starts with the first dot and then moves to the next and the next until a pattern emerges. The trick for him developmentally is to slow down and make good choices, but to keep moving to the next dot so he can see what is emerging and color the picture.  

The Disciples have no idea where to go, or what to do next after Jesus is crucified. Mary has shared her amazing encounter with the Risen Christ. And we find them (John 20) hiding in the dark behind locked doors because they are confused and afraid. But then, Jesus shows up in their midst, breathes Peace on them, talks about forgiveness, and commissions them for the work that is ahead. He gives his beloved community the strength to see and move to the next dot- even though they are traumatized, fearful, confused, and have little clarity about the bigger picture. I also believe Jesus is with us during our Designated Term at UCH, even when we are confused or afraid, inviting and commissioning us to move to the next dot in our journey.  

This coming Sunday, April 8, after a shortened worship, we will have a congregational gathering to hear more about the “dot” our beloved community is on from Kristina, our Moderator, and our Asset Team. This will be a fact centered gathering. There will be time to write down and ask questions (Thomas is our “patron saint” after all…) as we discern about which “dot” we might move to next. Worship will begin at 10:30 and we will wind things up by 12:00.  

Margaret Silf writes in Wise Choices: A Spiritual Guide to Making Life’s Decisions, that it is our “fully divine and fully human heart’s desire is for a true picture to emerge.” We want to connect the dots in our lives so we can leave “a true God-filled footprint of our authentic selves that has made a difference in our families and communities.”   I believe this nicely articulates the calling of the Risen Christ to our beloved community as we explore how to really be “Seekers Embracing the Journey” and how to move out the doors and into our community.   Join us this Sunday as our journey continues, and as our “true picture” emerges- one dot at a time.    –Rev. Jeanne 

Later Event: April 15
Sunday Service