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Sunday Service

This Sunday we continue our Advent 2 exploration of Thresholds. Last week we encountered the Jewish Priest, Zechariah who had his once in a lifetime chance to enter the threshold of the Inner Sanctum of the temple (where instead: he has a lifechanging conversation with Archangel Gabriel). This week we encounter his son, John the Baptist who is preaching in the wilderness (a threshold place). And who uses a the traditional Ancient Near Eastern practice of winnowing on the threshing floor (part of which was called the threshold) to talk about the work of the Holy Spirit and transformative possibility that Jesus will bring when he comes as the Messiah. Threshing floors were mysterious places in Jewish history and storytelling. They were places of mourning, divination, Angel appearances, and encounters with the Holy. (In fact, the Jewish temple of Solomon was actually built on a threshing floor!)  Join us this Sunday as we explore the liminal spaces of thresholds, and threshing floors and talk about what it means to embrace this powerful message of winnowing and Holy Spirit fire in our work as Beloved Community. I look forward to seeing you on the threshold! -Rev. Jeanne

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Soothing Sanctuary
Later Event: December 16
Sunday Service